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Not wishing to sound melodramatic but working with Stacy Marx has changed my life, and there are not many occasions or people you can say that about! Stacy made me feel completely at ease and cared for, which was a feeling I had not experienced when I had visited the GP complaining of extreme tiredness, anxiety, sleep problems, hormone issues and ongoing stomach problems. Now I know about Functional Diagnostic Nutrition it feels like there is no better way to get a grip on your health and live a healthier, happier life. Going to see Stacy is not like going to see a conventional doctor to fix a health problem (although of course this has its place!) as it is so much more. It is an opportunity to gain knowledge to live a healthier life indefinitely. Whilst there is not a quick miracle cure, consultation time with Stacy will give you the knowledge and confidence to make changes in your life that lead to significantly improved health and consequently happiness.



I first came to Stacy when I didn't have anywhere else to turn to. I had just returned from a week-long holiday and had been suffering badly every single day and it was the last straw. In total I have been suffering on and off for 10 years with my stomach. No doctors or management in my diet felt like it was having a difference. I felt like the suffering I was going through would have no end. I would almost say that I was afraid to eat, I had no idea what would affect me and what wouldn’t. It has now been 7 months since I first contacted Stacy and I can honestly say I never looked back. I had a food intolerance test and it has changed my life, I now know what I can eat and thanks to Stacy I can manage my diet properly. Things that I didn’t even know where affected by my diet have improved. I used to suffer badly with eczema, and since changing my diet it has improved drastically. I feel healthier than ever.



I assumed that feeling bloated / gassy / queasy on a regular basis was ‘normal’. I found Grit Wellness and [Stacy explained] the options that she could offer. Stacy was clear from the outset about the cost, the nature of the intolerance testing procedure, and the timeframe for the results. I could not have been more shocked with [my test] results, it turned out that my ‘normal’ diet was full of the foods I am intolerant to. Stacy offered lots of advice on how to change my diet to eliminate the trigger foods. Since changing my diet, I am pleased to say that I have never felt so good. My digestive problems are no longer at the forefront of my mind – simply because they are not there anymore! I would highly recommend Grit Wellness to anybody who has health issues and just cannot pinpoint what the causes are. Stacy was super helpful, professional and very easy to talk to. I have a new lease of life and the only regret that I have is that I didn’t do this sooner.



I was not sure about EFT originally however your welcoming approach put me at ease, instantly. I am still amazed every day at the difference EFT (tapping) has made to my pain levels, well-being and coping with the pain. Thank you for giving me the pathway to a better life, with reduced pain, a sense of wellbeing and being able to focus on the present and the future.



Thank you so much for today and over the last five months. You truly have been a God-send to me, helping me to take control and change my health for life. You made me feel so cared for where doctors had failed. Thank you muchly...I will forever be grateful x



Stacy saved my life! I had been having ongoing digestive issues. I had been to multiple doctors, cleaned up my eating and was still having issues. Stacy worked with me by listening extensively and understanding my journey. She was able to find some clues that led me to work with my doctor to treat my true issues. Only because of Stacy am I on my true path to healing!!



I booked an appointment with Stacy as I had been suffering with general fatigue and malaise for six months. We met in December, Stacy suggested some changes I could make to my diet and routine, and to get an intolerance test. We met again in February to review the results. The changes that I had implemented had made a significant difference to my well-being alone. The test also provided some intolerances that matched with suspicions. I’m very happy with the service and would recommend Stacy to anyone.



I had never had EFT before and to be honest was rather sceptical about it. I had been suffering with a really bad headache all day, had tried the usual tablets, drinking more fluid, fresh air and taking myself away from my computer screen. Stacy asked if I would consider giving EFT a try. I said yes although I really did not expect it to work. We went into a private room and Stacy explained what she would be doing. I must admit the first round of tapping felt really strange and completely alien but I definitely started to feel a change in the level and place of pain. I had three rounds and yes it worked……the pain had gone and what was left was a manageable feeling [of] pressure. Would definitely consider this in the future. Thank you Stacy xxx

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