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GRIT wellness

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GRIT wellness

Several years ago when I began my own wellness journey, I would have

given anything to have the constant support and guidance of a professional who understood my frustration and fears. I desperately wanted somebody encouraging alongside me, who would explain things clearly and direct me toward useful, effective tools so I wouldn't waste my painfully limited energy, not to mention my time.

My purpose is to be that dependable, trustworthy person for others who are beginning the journey toward rebuilding their health. I want to help you find healing opportunities by uncovering the underlying causes of your illness, pain or anxiety with grace, ease, and clarity.

I feel healthier

than ever.


If you are struggling with bloating, IBS, food sensitivities, skin problems, poor sleep, anxiety, stress, heartache, fatigue, please contact me to learn how a functional, holistic approach will improve your health.


Together, we will reduce the stress, anxiety and frustration of not feeling like yourself and we'll create a plan to start with your healing journey.