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Functional Nutrition Meets Luxurious Relaxation

You "want to get healthy"
but you haven't identified what that means to you
or how to get started

You're confused by all the conflicting information about health
that you see in the media and on social platforms

So you stop before you even get started
...even though you still feel that something isn't quite right
...and you don't feel your like your old self
...and you don't feel able to keep up with life's daily demands


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I felt like the suffering I was going through would have no end. [Now] I feel better than ever.

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Not wishing to sound melodramatic but  Stacy has changed my life!

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I assumed that feeling bloated / gassy / queasy on a regular basis was ‘normal’. I have a new lease of life and the only regret that I have is that I didn’t do this sooner.

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I want you to feel amazing and confident. Every day. No matter what decisions you are faced with; no matter what health concerns you have; no matter what life throws at you. Every single day. That's what I want for you. And I'm here to help you achieve it.


By working together to create a personalised practice that focuses on accessible ways to build resilience, strength, mobility, confidence and joy.

This approach is completely different and completely personalised for you.

Every session is different, depending on your focus, your needs and your situation. Every session is based on managing anxiety and stress, and improving your health, through the lens of what brings you joy. 


We'll incorporate natural healing techniques, gentle movement, art, reiki, breathing exercises, sleep hygiene, nutrition and functional lab testing.

See? That sounds different already, doesn't it?


Optimal physical and mental health is possible for everyone. But we are all individuals, with different needs, different concerns and different motivation. Let's do things differently.

If you are ready to create a more joyful, healthful version of yourself, then let's fulfill your vision of vitality, strength, confidence and pleasure.


In good health,



Stacy Marx, FDN-P

Holistic Wellbeing Advocate

Stacy's qualifications

*Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner

*Emotional Freedom Technique

*Watsu Level 1

*Reiki Master

*Ayurvedic and deep tissue massage

*Yoga and Pranayama (Vinyasa Ashtanga) 

*Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA)

*Diploma in Life Coaching

*Certificate in Female Metabolism

*Diploma in Sport and Exercise Nutrition

*Diploma in Neurolinguistic Programming

*Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art

Professional Membership:


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