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Helping you make decisions that build your health and wellbeing from a place of joy and enthusiasm

Your sense of obligation always outweighs your desire for pleasure
so you feel guilty if you do something that makes you feel good.

We'll align your decisions with a sense of joy and enthusiasm.

Every time you are faced with a decision, you feel overwhelmed and panicked.

We'll manage that anxiety.

You know what you should eat to feel your best, but you are so stressed
that you eat anything and everything that is quick and easy.

We'll refocus your habits and address food intolerances.

You don't think it's related, but you struggle with bloating, headaches, eczema, and more.

Newsflash! It is related. We'll fix that too.

Together we'll implement a plan.



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I felt like the suffering I was going through would have no end. [Now] I feel better than ever.

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Not wishing to sound melodramatic but  Stacy has changed my life!

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I assumed that feeling bloated / gassy / queasy on a regular basis was ‘normal’. I have a new lease of life and the only regret that I have is that I didn’t do this sooner.

I'm Stacy Marx, your personal Holistic Wellbeing Advocate, and I will help you create a system to build the life you desire so you can ecstatically conquer your world.

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